about me!

i have a lot of names, but you can call me alioth!

i use he or they pronouns (very epic)

im a college student who likes egg sandwiches

why neocities?

i made this site as kind of an escape from the modern internet & social media, and because i wanted a place to talk about all my special interests & hyperfixations ^^ also, i think it would be fun to have kind of a collection of pages that ive made, especially when it can act as kind of a library to find references on things i need or want, such as mental health resources, links to sites i like, or guides for games and other stuff

my interests tend to be fleeting and rapidly changing, but very intense. i always love talking about them but not a lot of people listen for a variety of reasons. i'm excited to have a place to go in as much detail as i want without worrying about keeping an active audience.

lastly, the level of customization that modern social media sites give you is really sad, and on here i think it's extremely fun to have complete control over what these pages look like. i also just like being able to express myself without thinking about who is going to see it -- anyone who doesnt like what they see here can just click off and i dont need to worry about impressing anyone except myself. on social media, i just feel too much pressure with followers about what kinds of things i say, how i say it, who i reblog from, what tweets i like, ect. it's exhausting. the internet these days feels less like exploration, discovery, and learning new things, and more like trying to fit in with a high school clique -- even after doing what you can to curate the content you see.

i've been having so much more fun working on this site than i ever did on social media, or anywhere on the modern internet. i look forward to continuing to develop it in the future :)

that's all!

thanks for reading! you can check out the sidebars for more information :-]