update 11/09/23 -- moving

hi! i moved into my own apartment and realized that this site was born out of an intense desire for my own space, one which i've since been able to fulfill in a much more tangible way. i still wanna do website stuff though and i don't really want to clean this website up because it was really fun to make and i have a feeling i'll want to look back on it. i'm moving to a new url with a bigger focus on pixel art and archiving stuff and i'll put the url here once it exists.


WIP! ヾ(•ω•`)o i am currently editing this website!

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welcome to my website! this is my 'interstellar vessel'. it's sort of a collection of all the things i'm passionate about, as well as a place for me to organize stuff and practice my coding skills

the entire site is pretty new and under construction, and i'm just filling things in as i go. all pages are wips, but ones that say [WIP] are generally less than 30% finished.

i hope you enjoy your visit!

why interstellar vessel?

interstellar = traveling between stars

vessel = ship

i like the image of this little site being like a home to me out in the galaxy of the rest of the internet. and i like boats and space