What is TUYU?

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TUYU is a JPop/JRock group that makes songs. I REALLY like them.

Their songs feature original characters made specifically for each song. Although they have played live shows in-person, most of their official uploads are accompanied by an animated music video. Common song themes within TUYU's discography include mental health, depression and self-image, grieving, loneliness, and other problems that are relatable for a lot of people.

Tuyu's band members include Pusu on the guitar, Rei on vocals, Miro on piano, and formerly Omutatsu and Azyun for illustration and animation.

Although TUYU gains millions of views on each of their songs, I rarely ever hear anybody talk about them. It's unknown to me whether this is because they just arent popular in the west like other Japanese musicians, because they don't collaborate with too many events, anime, or other producers, or if people just don't have a lot to say about them.

I really enjoy looking into the meanings of their songs, because each one has something different to say. That is what this page is mostly dedicated for -- I'll go through each of my favorite songs from them and talk about what i like about it, as well as what it means to me.

endpoint duology

⚠️content warning for suicide⚠️️

Out of all their songs, some of the most well known are probably "I'm getting on the bus to another world, see ya!" and its sequel "If there was an Endpoint". These songs can be very hard hitting for anyone who struggles with the issues portrayed. In addition, 'endpoint' references melodies from 'getting on the bus' (i am not typing out that entire title every single time), which makes for an extremely interesting musical composition, connecting these two to the core. The art and visuals for these songs are extremely high quality, but that's nothing new for the band.


"What value is there to a life that wants to end? Am I just being selfish? I don't even know what to think!"

"I'm getting on the bus to another world, see ya!" is a song released by TUYU in 2020. It directly covers topics of suicidal ideation. The song follows a girl who increasingly comes to believe her life has no value and turns to suicide as a result. She believes that there's no point in living without love or goals, and rejects both external criticism and sympathy. Throughout the song, sentiments of worthlessness and past regrets are expressed. The song ends with the girl killing herself, with the line "And yet, I regret and scream as the rain falls..." 'Getting on the bus' does a wonderful job of expressing the pure hopelessness someone can feel when dealing with depression to this point, and the fact that the lyrics are so direct about wanting to die make it stand out against a lot of other songs about depression.

「涙を消えた傷跡に、後悔の念で濡らして 早まったあの私をどうか巻き戻してって去って」

"With tears on a scar long gone, drenched in regrets / For being too rash on myself, so please, just turn back and leave."

"If there was an Endpoint" was released in 2021. Beginning with the same exact line the previous song ended on, this song follows story of the same girl. However, being as it's a sequel, it follows what happens after she dies. The place she is now in is described as a comforting place in every aspect except one: it is completely void of other people. The lyrics detail feelings such as, "was this what I really wanted?". Driven to loneliness and regret, she spends the song wishing things had gone differently and urging the listener not to make the same mistake she did.

these songs do a wonderful job of getting across the feelings of the character in this situation lyrically, musically, and through the emotion in the singers voice. although there are numerous songs you can find about wanting to die, there aren't many about the regrets one may have after killing themselves, and i think this acts to urge the viewer to rethink their decisions without invalidating them. the girl in the song never becomes happy, but would have been content living with her problems as opposed to the pure loneliness on the other side.

Being low as dirt, taking what's important from me


"Look at them, my wings once praised by you, aren't they lovely?"

Being low as dirt, taking what's important from me is another TUYU song I really like. This one was released in 2021, and it's not exactly relatable, at least for me. However, it's interesing in that it manages to feel desperate and gentle at the same time.

This song is about one thing = jealousy. The girl in the video is in love with someone who is in love with someone else, but instead of the way other songs go about it with a "I'm sad because I'm not good enough" feel, this song takes the "I'm mad because you aren't good enough" approach. The main character here believes herself to be higher even than the one she is in love with, and the fact that he chose someone else is so unthinkable to her that she loses it. As the song goes on, she goes from only resenting the object of her love's affection, but adopts a dichotomy of loving and hating the person she likes at the same time.

"Being low as dirt, taking what's important to me" isn't a slow song, and the piano and the guitar go together so perfectly that it just feels so extremely smooth. Rei's singing style is soft but the lyrics she sings are so self important and angry that it creates an extremely interesting contrast. I like this song a lot!

Under Kids

「この街の中でも幸せになれませんか?外の世界は怖くて此処しか許されなくて あぁもう八方塞がりだ!」

"Is there no way that I could be happy in this city? The outside world scares me - this is the only place I belong in / Ah, I don't even have anywhere to go anymore!"

Under Kids is one of TUYU's more recent songs. Released in 2022, it follows the struggles of a girl who was briefly featured in a previous music video. It is well known for referencing TUYU's other songs near the end.

The character in the video has a lot of problems affecting her self-esteem and sense of belonging. She cannot fit in, even with those who are similar to her, as directly stated by the lyrics. She also chases temporary happiness and relief as a way to cope with her issues, which lead to some dangerous habits. Finally, she struggles with the notion of being truly loved, both by her family and in relationships. All this leads to a chaotic mess of her negative thoughts and harmful coping methods being thrown at the listener, who must connect the dots by looking at the song as a whole.

Under Kids is fast paced and changes rapidy, which goes well with the tone of the song, especially at the end where the girl becomes panicked as she is at a loss of what to do. It's the kind of song you can watch again and again and realize something new about the lyrics each time.